Life is too short to do nothing with it.

We all have to accept that life is a cycle. There is a beginning and an end and what we do in the middle is up to us (with external influences of course). 

Over the last couple of months my family and I have been dealing with a lot of losses. The two most recent: Oscar, my Chocolate Labrador and Rusty, my Nannie’s cat. 

Oscar was a beautiful dog. Unfortunately cancer got the better of him in a very short space of time. I will always love him and he will forever have a place in my heart. Same with Rusty, he was a big fluff ball and loved curling up on people’s laps.

Here is one if my last photos with Oscar:

Around sad events and when you’re dealing with difficult situations, you need to include as much good as possible. Our little family went out for lunch for mum’s birthday to Loch Fyne near Peterborough. It is one of the most tasty meals I’ve ever had. Seafood ramen, get in my belly.

Along with this I’ve been slowly investing, growing and investing some more in my fitness business. This includes buying more equipment, including some brand new Battle Ropes! I have plans to get much more equipment and I look forward to using all of it with my clients and in my classes. 

Whenever I’m working on my business and growing and developing it, you need to make sure you still have time for other people. The people who are helping you get to where you need to be. The people who support you. The people who care. One of those is my boyfriend, Phill. On a weekend to his, I came down a day earlier and spent my time working on my business whilst in a beautiful bar down the road. This also allowed him to come visit me during his lunch break so we could spend a little more time together. Of course lunch involves food, so the photo below shows all the food we shared! The dishes from left to right were: Arancini, Burger Sliders, Calamari and Meatballs.

We also had our anniversary coming up. To celebrate we went to Ping Pong Vietnamese restaurant in Soho, where we had the set theatre menu and then we went to see Lion King. 

It was a magical evening and singing along to all the songs, seeing the fabulous costumes, choreography and acting. It was all truly mesmerising. It was the first musical I’ve ever seen and I would go see it over and over if I could. 

Recently, Phill and I have been lucky to be able to see each other every week. We try to alternate weeks of who visits who, but it depends on events planned and whose family and friends has an event organised. 

So, the following week, Phill visited me in Bedford. Seeing each other requires a date and with us both being huge foodies, guess what we did (again)!?  Went for a meal! Hello Pizza Express. Phill had a creamy chicken pasta and I had a Fiorentina pizza with olives, spinach and an egg. We shared polenta chips – heavenly. Along with winning some fresh dough balls from entering a competition they had advertised on the table! 

Life does get better and it isn’t always served on a plate. In life you have to work at things. Work at relationships, work at bettering yourself, work at making life better for others. One thing I had to work on… getting a uniform I felt comfortable in to work at the gym. 

Women are issued with leggings as standard. I realised when teaching in the studio that when I bent over, you could see my whole bum and underwear through my leggings at work. 2 months and I hadn’t realised. 2 whole months of members staring at my backside without me even knowing. I ended up wearing non-uniform leggings (although you could barely tell the difference) and getting in trouble. It took me a couple of weeks to come up with a valid solution. Why don’t I ask to wear shorts that the guys are issued. 

Voila! It paid off. 

Don’t be afraid to look for change, to ask for change and to create change. However small of a deal it is. If it matters to you and you don’t do anything about it, it will eat away at you.

Change is why I love the creative industry so much. The industry is constantly flowing and moving and coming up with original ideas, along with recycling and reinventing old ideas. The industry never gets dull. I guess that’s why I enjoyed my degree in Advertising and Brand Management so much. It just didn’t keep me hooked. Designing adverts about products and causes I didn’t believe in got the better of me. My better work was always in the areas I was passionate about. When you’re in advertising, generally you can’t pick and choose which brands you produce work for. I preferred to have creative freedom. 

When visiting my university for the last time this year, I went to the degree shows. My favourite piece of work: Katherine McLean’s. Not just because she is one of my best friends. If anything I would try to be critical to help her develop and improve her work. But no. My jaw dropped. Inspired by Barcelona and with bright pops of colour and geometric shapes, I was drawn in. You can genuinely imagine it being on the runway, as the images demonstrate. I could imagine wearing it on a runway and I’m not even a catwalk model!! The designs are something that would make anyone feel confident and I love that I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s unique, creative and simply inspiring. 

 The degree show all-round was impressive. I look forward to going to next year’s too! To top the night off at uni, we had to celebrate the success of everyone’s hard work by going on a night out…

A night out also leads to the dreaded, but somehow clothing co-ordinated morning after. 

From Staffordshire University, Phill and I went to Nottingham to visit my Dad and Stepmum with their gorgeous cat, Leo. He is one of the cheekiest cats I know and has a big personality, quite ironic that he looks like an absolute angel here:

That evening we went out for a meal (another one, yes!). I had a mocktail in the hope it would sooth my hangover – haha! For starters I had Crabcakes, followed by Green Thai Chicken Curry with Coconut Rice for main and a Chocolate Melt-In-The-Middle pudding for dessert. Om nom nom. I definitely, without a doubt, felt better after the meal.

Going off track a little now to the smaller things in life… many of which people call “very British problems”, or even “first world problems”, as everyone likes to have a good old moan whilst plenty of worse things are going on in the world e.g. wars, famine etc. 

Well here are some of the little irritations and even little pick-ups in life that are noticeable in life at the time, but both comparatively to others things and long term, actually have no relevance in life whatsoever. 

First of all… no-one wants to lose by 1 point in a game. No-one. But then again, no-one wants to starve to death or be caught up in a war zone, so we move on. 

One day I might actually win against Phill.

Moving on… I’ve been laughing at this joke for over 2 weeks now. I don’t think I will ever stop…

With all the politics in the world right now, Britain is having a pretty rough… but that won’t stop us creating games, having fun and enjoying ourselves. (You need to try this game just once – it was created near the end of the election, we found it very late the night before the results).

Okay, small things out the way…

Back to reality. 


I won’t stop talking about food. We all love food. Once you get into healthy habits, healthier food tastes much nicer than unhealthy foods in my opinion. I prefer to eat vegetables than eat chips and I prefer to add spices and flavourings to basic things rather than overcomplicating food and processing food further. The picture below shows a breakfast I recently had in London made by Phill for us two and his sister, Dani. As you can see, it looks yummy. It tasted delicious. 

It only got better, later we had a BBQ with a couple more people over and on top of the sausages and burgers shown, we also had steak, multiple salads, BBQ’d prawns, Italian meats, olives and more!

For dessert we had the freshest fruit salad and I made a tasty Moroccan dessert, orange slices with cinnamon. All whilst playing Cards Against Humanity.

Between all of this I’ve been working, helping clients get fitter, more confident and feeling better about themselves. I’ve been building and growing my plans for the business and I’m on the way to making it all happen. I need to be patient with the progress and make sure everything is produced to a high standard. 

Remember, life is too short to do nothing with it. Make sure you live.

Time for some more tasty food!



Over the last few days it’s been work, work, work. Last time I had a day off was 2 weekends ago and even then I was struggling fighting off the urge to do work on my business. I am determined, driven and eager to achieve my goals. All good, but I think I need a proper day off, or at least some time to myself where I think and do something, anything, other than work on my business.

I’ve been covering shifts and doing shifts all week – all of which we don’t get paid for at Pure Gym, as technically those hours replace our rent for the gym (yes, we have to pay to use the space to train our clients). To say the least, I’m absolutely shattered. I’m worn out. I’ve not had much time to talk to members, I’ve not had much time to train myself and I’ve been looking forward to being able to reorganise myself this week. On a positive note, I got to experience what shifts are like for other PT’s. What their classes are like. I got to try out teaching some classes I had never taught before and see whether I want to teach something like that regularly myself. I figured out in the end, I am very much my own person. I may enjoy teaching and exercise, but doing what I’m good at and enjoy the most makes me a more enthusiastic and a better teacher than something I’m not as confident in. So I will continue with the plans I had set out, knowing that the direction I am taking is the right direction.

My shifts changed as of Monday. Hello Monday morning 6am shift! I was dreading starting this shift, but at the end of the day, I ended up loving it. In fact, I love it even more than the previous shift I had at 6am on a Tuesday! The only downside was I wasn’t sharing my shift with another PT, which meant I had to do more cleaning and one of my hated jobs, cleaning the dreaded cross trainers and elliptical trainers. I’ve managed to avoid these for the best part of 2 months, knowing someone else could do that instead. In addition, I’m really going to miss having that company during shift time, especially in the morning – at least they don’t have to endure grumpy morning Jas any longer, haha!

Spin class was earlier, therefore my body and brain woke up properly earlier in the day. I wasn’t a zombie from 6am until 9am. When I went into work, it was the first time I felt ready to work in the morning and less zombie-like. As I walked in bang on time, the cleaner was just getting ready to leave. Perfect handover. Gym checks and Spin class complete, I was ready for not only the rest of the day, but the rest of the week. My body is now in motion. I haven’t wasted my Monday morning procrastinating as I usually would. I was productive. My business was productive. I also did my first timetabled induction that morning. After doing a test run on my manager the previous week and learning where I need to improve, the induction went smoother than ever. Good progress. I need to keep up the hard work, the positive development, the ambition I have to help others. 

Tuesday and Wednesday involved training clients and doing my usual shifts. Thursday was going to be my first day of rest in 2 weeks. It wasn’t. I didn’t go into work, but I ended up spending the whole day working on my business. I have so many plans underway and I’m excited for them to get rolling. I want to prove to myself that I can achieve anything and everything I set out to do. I can and I will. On Thursday I finished all my accounting and completed my tax returns for my first year of working. This was followed by some sad news and to be honest I thought this year’s sad news had been enough, especially since I started this new job. Life just keeps throwing curve balls at me. Right when I feel like I’m adjusting to how life has changed, it challenges me again. I’m not going to say what it is right now, because I’m not ready, I don’t think I will ever be ready… but I will wait for the results in the hope that the news turns out to be good news. Hope is what you have to hang on to. What you have to keep yourself moving forwards when times get tough.

Yesterday, Friday, definitely turned into “Friyay!”. My shift at work was fun. I taught my classes and then went into to town to hand out flyers for the Bedford Pure Gym £0 joining fee until the 10th May. If anyone is wondering what that promo code is to join, I’ll let you into a little secret (don’t tell anyone!)… it’s “SPRINGFREE”. Now go use it quick, before it’s too late! 

The time in town was fun, I got to meet loads of different characters of people. Some who laughed when I tried to get them to join the gym, some who took offence and some who greatly appreciated it. It was a roller coaster of reactions, but that showed how human and how raw we all are. It showed that each person is different and when you don’t discriminate with who you hand the flyers to and when they recognise that you’re just trying to get everyone to join, people respect that. They respect when others treat each other equally. It makes me happy when equality is recognised and appreciated in a country where everything is up in the air politically and socially. A world where everything is broadcast for a reaction. But coming face to face with normal people on an even level with no hierarchy or structure of authority, it showed the realness of how we live and perceive each other.

Straight after work I drove to London to stay with my boyfriend and his family for the weekend. When I arrived, I had a shower, had dinner and we headed straight to Danceworks studios. The previous night, a couple of my friends said they were over from Czech Republic and were going to another friend’s dance class (we all know each other from dance at uni). So, LJ and Ha An over from Czech Republic messaged me the night before asking if I was in London soon and fortunately I was, they invited Phill and I to Jerry’s dance class and said they hadn’t told Jerry we were turning up. So it was a lovely surprise for him when we arrived! We cracked on straight away with the dance and it was great to learn something new and different technique. Everything I learn, I can absorb and apply to my own dance classes. I can put my own twist on it and my own way of teaching. We all learnt a lot within a short space of time and I highly recommend going to Jerry’s dance classes if you’re in or near London on Friday evenings! Please comment if you would like more details and information! 

After the dance class we all went for a drink in a bar to catch up with each other. It’s been a couple of years since we all talked properly and and it was awesome to spend time with some of my best friends.

Now it’s the weekend, it’s time to have a proper rest. No work until Sunday evening. I hope you all enjoyed your weekends too!

Sweat, Stress, Strive.

Yesterday was full of time wasting. I had my clients as usual and did a nutrition consultation, which was beneficial to the member, but I feel sad when I know and they know I can help them further, but their finances don’t allow them to. After all, getting a Personal Trainer is an investment. A self investment. One that will benefit you for many years and decades to come. A Personal Trainer is a source of knowledge, a support system, a happiness provider. As we all know money can’t buy happiness, but with a Personal Trainer… it actually can! Someone achieving their physical goal, helps them mentally too. In fact, my aim is to get people mentally happier and working on the physicalities opens many doors and pathways to that. So when someone says they can’t afford Personal Training and you can see that they DO see the value in it… that does wrench at my heart strings.

Instead I say save up and you will be able to afford it. Save up and come back to me. Because it is never too late to make change. Positive change, good change, lifestyle change.

The rest of the day was spent aimlessly walking round the gym thinking about all the stuff I had planned to do with my time at the gym… that will be the first and the last time I go into work not making sure I have everything I need in my bag before I leave.

Today was a super-productive day. I had my shift from 6am-11am. Within that shift I have to clean the gym machines and equipment, teach classes and today I had a meeting with my manager to review my progress. Nothing new. Just the usual to me. I did however have to break it to my 9:15am spin class that my timetable is changing as of next week… they were gutted. So was I when I saw their faces. Unfortunately none of them were willing to change over to a Monday morning at 6:15am. I don’t blame them. Nonetheless, I am sure some people will want to attend a class at that time, probably before work. So I am excited to meet lots more members and see how much they can get their sweat on in my spin class!

The meeting with my manager went well and it was enough motivation for me to go and get another consultation directly after. I think I happen to be in the right place at the right time, with the right attitude. That kind of luck is helping me progress, along with good word of mouth and results!

Later on I went to one of my colleague’s 15 Minute Abs classes during his shift, followed by a staff meeting. I’m happy to say that I will be coaching the next Pure Loser that starts on the 12th June. The sign-up sheet goes up 1 month before in Pure Gym Bedford Heights, or just contact me if anyone is interested! 

Pure Loser, isn’t about “Losers”, as the name may suggest. Well it isn’t to me anyway. It’s about making people who do feel like they can do better become a winner. They will learn to win at the their own game. They will learn nutrition. They will learn exercises. They will learn, achieve and believe that they have the capability of winning, of getting fitter, of feeling empowered.

I am excited for this venture to say the least! Not only that, but my Pure Dance Classes start around the same time as Pure Loser, so May and June for me will be two busy months, planning, prepping and giving my time to members in return of the job satisfaction they give me.

After the meeting I helped out around the gym a bit before heading off home to do some meal prep for the rest of the week. I never thought I would get this into meal preparation, but I really have found an avid love for cooking. I love trying new things, different flavours, different cooking techniques. It brings back the whole memory of when Phill bought me a sushi cooking class for Christmas and when I was cooking there I felt in my element. Back to food prep today… I cooked 2 separate meals, creating 5 meals worth of food in total. The first one shown in the photo below is chicken, rice noodles, beansprouts and a few more stir fry veg with a garlic, ginger and chilli sauce.

The second dish I cooked was pan-seared lean beef along with a homemade tomato sauce, containing peppers, olives and onions. It all tasted delicious when I tried it, so hopefully it will taste just as good when I reheat them to eat over the next couple of days…

Bon Appetit!

London, Food, Family, Friends and Fitness.

Straight from work last Friday I went to London and stay at my Boyfriend’s with his family. The following morning we went to Leicester square to meet a friend, unfortunately when we arrived at Leicester Square, the meet up was cancelled, so Phill and I went for breakfast at Bella Italia on a little date instead. 

Phill had the Veggie Full English and I had a Mozzarella, Avocado and Pesto toasted sandwich (as shown in the photo above). It was okay. I wouldn’t go much further than that. Probably one of the worst breakfast’s I’ve had at a restaurant. We had to ask for avocado for the Veggie breakfast, because they forgot to put it on Phill’s plate. Then I took a bite into my food and it was like a mouth full of dryness. The bread was bone dry and the mozzarella was grated instead of fresh, which means it is kept in potato starch – even more dryness! Even the flag was upside down. For the price i guess we should have expected it, it certainly wasnt value for money. Let’s say, we won’t be going there again.

From here we explored a bit. First to M&M world to buy lots of chocolate, followed by dawdling round until we thought that it would be a good idea to go looking for somewhere nice to eat for lunch.

We went to Covent Garden expecting to be walking around for a bit looking for somewhere nice to go for lunch. As soon as Phill pointed out Wagamama’s, I practically ran to the door. Wagamama’s is my favourite chain restaurant and I can never get enough of their food! They serve Japanese cuisine. Absolutely delicious food every time, no matter what you choose! There was no disappointment here. In fact, it was one of the most beautiful Wagamama restaurants I have been to in terms of atmosphere and decor.

To drink, Phill had Green Tea (which is completely free!) I had Kiwi, Avocado and Apple Juice. They were both refreshing and very yummy. For main I had the Wagamama Ramen (shown below). This was full of noodles, boiled eggs and different types of fish and meat. It was heavenly. Phill had Vegetable Katsu Curry. Unfortunately I didnt get a photo of this, but he said that it was also really good. I can vouch for this, as I had a bite too! 

To finish we shared Banana Katsu Fritters with Salted Caramel Ice Cream. It was definitely too salty, but I think that’s just our taste… personally it was one of the better salted caramel things I have tried. The meal overall more than made up for our crappy breakfast. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we return.

After lunch, we had plans to go meet another friend who was visiting the UK from Austria. I’ve been excited since making the plans for this! We had plenty of time to get there and it was a good job we did. We came across a gentleman who was hunched over sat on the floor. A homeless man. A lady had her head turned at an angle and was looking at him strangely, thinking “something is wrong”, we could read in her puzzled look. She came over and said she wasn’t sure if the guy was alright. I looked a bit closer at him, his face was bleeding, dripping onto his jacket sleeve on the coat he was wearing. Something was wrong. I tapped him on the shoulder a few times and shook his shoulder a little bit, asked if he was okay. No response. He was breathing, he had a pulse. But, passed out. I got Phill to call an ambulance. The bimbo on the other end of the phone wasn’t a huge help. We explained exactly where we were with multiple location references and it still took her a whole 5 to 10 minutes to finally put it into maps and send someone on their way. Fortunately a paramedic turned up like the speed of light. Dave was his name. A lovely guy. Skipping a lot of the details Dave did a great job until a big ambulance turned up. When the guy regained consciousness we talked to him, helped the paramedic get the information he needed. We were unsure what to do when the guy said to us “take my money off me, I will just drink it away, it doesn’t help”. Obviously we weren’t going to take money off him… It was part of his possessions. He ended up putting his money inside his shoe when he left for the hospital. It confirmed for me that you shouldn’t give homeless people money. Just food. 

Later that day, I went onto do more research. On the Crisis website, they advise not to give money to homeless people as the majority have a drug or alcohol addiction and many are begging for the hell of it. Many aren’t even homeless. I learnt from a university project that Shelter offer help to every homeless person within 24 hours of them taking to the street. How accurate that is, I’m unsure. Nonetheless, the guy we found had a tag. He had been offered support.

I question though, is the support offered enough? Is there something more that can be done? What can we do to help other than donate to charities and give them food. I will continue to research and I will get back to you all on that one.

Anyway, off we continued to Camden Town to meet my Austrian friend, Andy. 

Camden was super busy, so we went for a walk by the canal to escape from all the rush. We stopped by Costa for a drink and a catch up before continuing on exploring.

On our way round Camden we came across this poster that made us laugh…

As we all know, it’s the perfect description of Donald Trump.

We then went to Kings Cross Station to see Platform 9 and 3/4 from Harry Potter… we would have queued up ourselves, but the queue was ridiculously long. This was all free, so it’s worth it if you have the time!

The station’s architecture, shown above, never ceases to amaze me. It is mesmerising.

After that we went to The Shard and took a few photos. For me, this is my favourite architecture out of all iconic London buildings. Phill and Andy thought I was obsessed! (Obsessed with getting good photos maybe!)

Here are some more photos of different locations we explored throughout the afternoon…

Exploring London was fun and seeing Andy was wonderful! But next time it’s our turn to visit Austria!

Back to Phill’s it was time to play games with Mysty and give Phill a haircut!

Following the haircut, we went for a family meal to a Brazilian BBQ all you can eat restaurant. I came out absolutely stuffed. Everything was delicious. Utterly mouthwatering. The weekend was exciting and filled with tonnes to do, as usual when I go to London! 

Throughout the week I have been focussed on work. Each week I have a set of tasks I need to try and complete and this week the intensity got ramped up. I try my best every week and that’s all that I can ask from myself and all anyone else can ask from me really. I do keep pushing to do better and I know with consistency and persistance, I will get there!

This week I have changed the way I am creating programs for clients and making them more valuable. Clients will get more for their money and hopefully even greater results. The clients I have so far are already getting results, but with the customers at mind, I want to further this.

This weekend just passed was lovely. Phill came to visit me and on Friday we went for a meal with my family this time! We went to what is called “Pudding Night”. You order your main course and this is followed by a sharing dessert for the table. After that you can go up to the buffet and help yourself to as many desserts and puddings as you like. However good it tasted, I think my waistline needs a break! 

This week I got back into training after a couple of weeks of having to rest my knee. I feel like my body is ready to go again. So expect to hear lots about training on my next blog post!

On Saturday Phill and I went out for a walk. The weather was glorious, so why not!? We captured a lot of beautiful photos and even saw a Muntjac Deer! We were spoilt to see such an amazing sight and more spoilt with the fantastic outcome of the photos…

Make a wish!

P.S. I will post the video of the deer to my Facebook Page:

Is your week as jam-packed as mine was?

I’ve come to the conclusion that every week is crazy. Every week is jam-packed full of events. There is an endless list of things to do, people to see and places to go.

I am definitely caught up in a whirlwind of finding the balance between enjoyment and stress. The balance of work and life. The balance of growing steadily and when to dive head first or when to jump feet first. The risk of losing my head or just breaking a leg. Each and every decision I make every day puts all of this into question. I know that taking risks can pay off, but at the same time, I don’t want to be at a great loss. Once I have decided which risk to take for my business, the future of my career path and which direction it will take will be determined. Am I afraid of the future? Yes. Is it right to be afraid of the future? Maybe.

I am one for opening my arms and embracing life, but we all fear the unknown of not knowing what life will throw at us. We all want to be successful and for each and every one of us, success paints different picture.

This week has been time to sort my head out. Time to organise myself. Time to start making work fun.

The start of the week involved teaching a private spin class to some of my old colleagues at Cranfield University/ CMDC. One of them even managed to set a new record for the squat challenge (how many squats you can complete in one minute)! This led onto creating more programs for clients, personal training sessions, shift work and a bit of fun!

Yes! I tried boxing for the first time this week. I did try boxercise when I was a bit younger, but it was very fitness focussed rather than skill focussed. This time I got to have a go and quite frankly I’ve learnt that I really do punch like a girl! I don’t put enough power behind my punches and my agility and fast feet could be majorly improved. This surprised me as a dancer, but the technique was very different and I think with a bit of practice, not only will my technique improve, but it will help me improve as a dancer!

Along with giving boxing a go, I did a bit of dance and with a little bit more practice and some more time choreographing, I will be ready to start teaching at the end of next month!

The following day, it was the launch of the new timetable at Pure Gym Bedford Heights, so we all dressed up. A new timetable is released each quarter of the year, much to the members dislike, but it means they get more variety, more classes and it allows us to alter and develop our businesses so each Personal Trainer can find their own niche. This is the first time I’ve dressed up with everyone at work and I think we looked absolutely fabulous!

The rest of the week was jam-packed with shift work, teaching classes, practicing dance, stretching, inductions and of course, giving personal training sessions. I even managed to squeeze in watching a webinar and I’ve had to spend a lot of time on my business plan ready for a meeting with my manager next week. I’m so excited to start releasing more things I have planned for all of you over the next few months.

In addition, I am forever growing as a person and I can’t wait to find out where this takes my personal journey next.

Now, time to go down to London to celebrate Phill’s sister, Dani’s, birthday and have a catch-up with some friends who I haven’t seen in a very, very long time!

Time is of the Essence

This week started out tough, attending the funeral of my Nannie’s late partner, Ken. I’m not going to write much because I know family who will read this are grieving and I don’t want to make it any harder for them. Ken was a wonderful man full of jokes, laughter and stories to tell. He was a fantastic listener and always knew the most recent gossip to tell me whenever I visited. For me, he will always be remembered by his initials KFC, for the obvious reasons… who doesn’t like KFC? It was a running joke and he quite liked that nickname. Rest in peace and I know you have joined many others who are watching over us. All gone, but never ever forgotten.

Following this day I started my shift at work early in the morning, 6am. After having been driving 3 hours each way the previous day it took a lot of effort to drag myself out of bed and head into work. The shift went well and in my spin class I was complimented for the choice of music – this was a great lift to my day. Phill (my boyfriend), was also up early to go on a family skiing holiday to France. I went home in the afternoon and back into work in the evening to show my face so more people know who I am. After a well needed night of sleep it was back to work on Wednesday afternoon. 

Wednesday is always the most hectic day for me. There is always loads to get done on shift and not enough time to get it all done in. Not to mention I train clients before my shift too. The first class I taught on Wednesday was a Fat Burn class. After members requesting it to be harder, I ramped up the difficulty and at the end they told me it was an excellent and enjoyable class. The room was overflowed with people as soon as I entered and there was little space for me to demonstrate, however I made it work and it didn’t affect the class.

Later that evening I also taught a Spin class. Just before the class my tablet died, which technically meant I had no music – or not the right music anyway! At Pure Gym we have to download an app that is basically remixes and covers with a high tempo designed specifically for us to use. This app is basically our music licence. The app kept crashing and would never work on my phone, due to the extremely poor design of it, so I had to use my tablet. Once my tablet died – hello Spotify! I can’t exactly teach a class without music (that just wouldn’t work in a million years). Anyway, my tablet dying in a way was a blessing… not only did the people in the class work harder and sweat more, but I have been told for the 3rd time out of all my classes that my music choice is fantastic and very motivating. I can tell my classes are improving every single time and I am excited to show more and more people what I can do and help them achieve their goals in a fun, but focussed way!

Thursday was spent designing posters and figuring out the best ways to improve my logo. I’m really excited to update it, as I believe the changes to it will be a massive advancement and in my mind knowing that my logo could look better is holding me back a bit. 

Following a day full of design, I popped into the gym to do my own workout. I didn’t have much time, so I just focussed on toning my legs and did a little core work.

The end of the week is filled with teaching more classes and as much sleep as I can fit in, as I’m working a 7 day week… oh boy, what have I let myself in for!?

So everything has been super busy this week!

Many of us love a life that is super busy and full of different things to do. However, “super busy” isn’t necessarily a good thing. For me it often makes me exhausted, it makes me feel more isolated and in the case of the start of this week, events haven’t been that positive; even when we try our best to make them as positive as possible.

I have noticed a lot of bloggers only write about the positive things that have happened in their lives, but writing becomes more relatable when we see the not so happy side too. At the end of the day, that is reality. The negatives in life allow us to reflect on how we can improve and make the world a better place. Without the negatives there is no way to gage how positive other things are. And with this, we need to give ourselves time. Time to reflect, to adjust, to recuperate. Time to care for ourselves, to care for others and acknowledge that the world around us is time bound. It makes us realise that we need to appreciate what is there and has been there for us and try our best to make the best use of time for our duration on this planet.

On a happier note, I’m going to leave you all with this beauty of a video that one of my friends made about remembering P.E. in school. #Stevieknows we’ve all been there… 

Party, Cray, Work, Replay.

I’ve just finished my third week as a PT at Pure Gym and I have to say, I’ve finally got the hang of things round here! My first couple of days this week involved loads of meetings and training clients. This was followed by teaching multiple classes and doing my first proper proper induction. I’ve done a few inductions leading up to now, but this was the first induction I’ve done that was actually timetabled in and not just on the spot.

On Thursday I wanted to go into work in the morning, but had to get all my washing done as I have a limited supply of uniform, ready for the next day. I also needed to make sure this was all clean so I could pack and take it to London, because at the start of the week I got an email saying that I have free entry to a Modestep gig, so I’m off further south to go with my boyfriend, Phill, who also managed to get free entry too! Excited to say the least! 

Modestep is one of my favourite bands to see live. Their music is mostly Dubstep mixed with a bit of Rock and a handful of super clever composition. I’ve seen them live twice at Reading Festival back in 2013 and again in 2015 after stumbling across them when dawdling round with my friends. They completely blew me away on the NME Stage the first time and drew a bigger and more enthusiastic crowd on the Main Stage in 2015. To go see this band again is simply incredible. I love their newest album and in my opinion, they just keep growing and growing. 

I was also excited because the first gig I went to with Phill was last month for his birthday. We went to see Lady Leshurr at the gay club, Heaven and it was insane! It was so fun. We were actually the bigger and somewhat older people in the mosh pit, so we had a bit more control and we could show everyone how to mosh. It also meant we were picking people up off the floor instead of us being picked up (well, me being picked up really, because Phill can probably hold his own – I say “probably” with a little caution there). 

Back to the Modestep gig… They had a few DJ’s beforehand including Jakes, Megalodon and Trampa followed by a set by Modestep. They filmed it all live and we were fortunate enough to be at the front! To see us jamming away and more importantly the music, you can click this link:

I even managed to get a few photos: 

^ Phill and I.

^ Jakes.

^ Megalodon and Trampa.

^ The front row raving.

^ Tony and Josh from Modestep. 

^ Me with Tony’s partner.

^ Me with Tony.

^ Me with Josh and his partner (nice photobomb Phill!)

^ Phill and I with Josh.

So, after a long night of dancing, raving and going crazy, it was an early start the next day to drive back to Bedford from London. I went straight to work and got going on my shift.

In the evening I practiced some dance in the gym studio, went home to shower and picked Phill up from the train station before we headed to The Mill restaurant in Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire for Mexican night. We also took an awkward selfie whilst waiting for the fam to turn up.

It was an enjoyable meal and the service at this restaurant is always outstanding!

A tiring but great end to the week. Now time for some hard work and preparation for next week.