I am a certified Personal Trainer. I enjoy motivating others to achieve their full potential and meet goals that they have in the fitness environment. With a focus on exercise technique, achieving goals and nutritional advice, I want to make you feel happier and more empowered.

My interest in fitness came about at a young age. I started learning to dance when I was 5 years old and had tried nearly every Olympic recognised sport by the time I turned 16.


Me Winning My First Ever Dance Trophy (A Plastic Teddy Bear)

Nonetheless, my passion for sports, fitness and dance has kept growing. The start of my interest in pursuing a career in this industry though hadn’t come about until my experience as the President of the Dance Club at my university for 2 years. I found the role very rewarding from both the people I taught and having achieved multiple awards.


Filming My Dance Choreography to a Poem for my Friend’s Uni Media Project

During my time at university I joined the gym and after much research in exercise for both myself when I did workouts at home and for teaching at the Dance Club I thought it was a great idea. Once joining the gym I managed to get myself even fitter, however, one of my greatest observations was that many people in the gym were doing exercises incorrectly. I wanted to be the person to help, to create change, to make a difference.

So here I am Рon my journey to create positive change for others!


Active IQ Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Active IQ Level 3 Personal Training
ICG (Indoor Cycling Group) Certification 1

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